3 innovative solutions to support the SMEs based in Atlantic France

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In Atlantic France, we adapt to the needs of each stakeholder in order to offer the best business environment. For example, the regional council recently announced three initiatives to help small and medium-sized enterprises to face the economic crisis. 

The coronavirus pandemic is causing an economic crisis that weakens small businesses. Conscious of the importance of SMEs in the economy, the Pays de la Loire regional council has launched three inventive measures to help them overcome this shaky period:

Pays de la Loire Relance and Pays de la Loire Garantie: new funds to give a leg up for bank issues

Pays de la Loire Relance

This fund is endowed with €10 million in capital (51% from the regional council and 49% from private funds). Managed by Pays de la Loire Participations, it aims to help SMEs having difficulties in finding the financial solution for their recovery. To start, Pays de la Loire Relance will allow around 30 companies based in Atlantic France to be supported with loans between €100,000 and €600,000.

Pays de la Loire Garantie

The Pays de la Loire Region already proposed a loan guarantee system managed by Bpifrance. Considering the current situation, the fund has been increased with a new support named Garantie Relance. It focuses on business transmission operations, in particular those giving major importance to terms of employment or maintaining know-how in Atlantic France. 

Solutions-partage-paysdelaloire.fr: a website to pool resources

The platform www.solutions-partage-paysdelaloire.fr has been created to help SMEs to share their assets. It can be used to pool premises, tools, training, and, last but not least, employees. 

Indeed, the main objective is that a company which is going through difficulties due to the crisis can provide an additional task force to a company that is facing a higher demand. For example, four employees of the truck manufacturer Scania in Angers were temporarily transferred to the surgical and respiratory masks factory of Kolmi-Hopen.

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