Saunier Duval: “This region is very well known in terms of innovation and creativity”

Germany | A thriving company in Atlantic France, Saunier Duval have profited from being located in a region famous for its industry and experience. Éric Yvain, general manager for the plant in Nantes, explains his positive thoughts on directing a company in this area.

Saunier Duval became part of the Vaillant group in 2001, a family owned company based in Germany and which has a turnover of €2.5 billion. With 12,000 employees worldwide, the group is a successful name to have in Atlantic France. 

Labelled “Industry of the future”

The Nantes based site for Saunier Duval produces 340,000 appliances annually which includes gas water boilers, solar panels for producing hot water and heat pumps. 

It was labelled “Showcase of the industry of the future” due to the high level of digitalisation work and processes taking place in the factory. 

A land of manufacturing with plenty of local support

Being based in Atlantic France has been beneficial for Saunier Duval thanks to the region’s history in industry and manufacturing. The plant manager Éric Yvain also states Atlantic France is “very well known in terms of innovation and creativity.”

There are 540 employees working at the Nantes site, 100 of which are working in R&D, making Saunier Duval the second biggest group for product development within the entire Vaillant group. This impressive number of employees is thanks to “the local ecosystem support for industry which makes us very much credible for our shareholders”, says Éric Yvain. 

Strong R&D network and skilled people

Atlantic France is “a region where we can rely on the people and other companies. Even the mindset of the people is extremely important”, states the general manager for the Saunier Duval plant in Nantes. 

Éric Yvain also highlights the importance of “a very strong network with universities, with schools, very well known schools, and also specific labs and product development groups which are close to us and we can benefit from.” 

All these factors make Atlantic France a fantastic place since “It is really a region in which we can do business.”