L’hydroptère 2.0 :the fastest open sea sailboat in the world!

Gabriel Terrasse is co-owner of the innovative trimaran L’hydroptère 2.0.

Built with materials used for planes such as carbon and titanium, the trimaran uses foils to fly 3 meters high over the sea and is the fastest open sea sailboat in the world! Find here the interview of Gabriel Terrasse!

Who are you?

My name is Gabriel Terrasse, I am project leader. With my american partner Tina Roberts, we are the co-owners of the trimaran L’Hydroptere. Initialy imagined by Eric Tabarly and developed by Alain Thébault L’Hydroptere is a very specific sailing trimaran: built mainly like a plane in carbon and titanium by companies such as Dassault Aviation and Airbus, she uses wings called foils to fly 3 meters high over the sea. That makes her very fast, and her previous team reached 55.5 knots onboard (more than 100km/h) and today, in 2022, it is still the fastest opensea sailboat in the world!

What’s your project/tell us more about it?

Our project is to restore the flying ability of the L’Hydroptere, she needs a renovation, and to use her as a research platform to develop and experiment systems, materials, manufacturing processes, in extreme strength conditions.  We are connected to several research laboratories, Universities and technological companies, all are very enthusiastic about embarking on this unique platform.

We can work on third-parties projects but we are also managing our own R&D projects, we have a major one on the rocket launch for 2022 with an high environmental impact and a great economic return on investment…

Why is the region Atlantic France (Pays de la Loire) an asset for you?

As l’Hydroptere project is at the crossroad of naval and aeronautics, the Atlantic France region, very representative in these 2 sectors, is a perfect place for us. The region is the home of many dynamic and innovative companies which represent for us a formidable pool of technical partners to develop our offer and our attractiveness.