Emerging digital technologies: focus on cybersecurity in Atlantic France

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Cybersecurity tops the list of digital priorities for companies based in the Atlantic France region. These are the findings of a study which was commissioned by the regional council and was carried out by its economic development agency, Solutions&co. Based on interviews with around thirty experts, 6 emerging digital technologies were examined under the microscope. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at cybersecurity and why it is important.

The World Economic Forum ranks cyber attacks as one of the 10 major risks of the coming years, and France is one of the Top 3 European countries most affected by ransomware. Against a backdrop of increasing cyber threats, training, support and advice for businesses in the field of cybersecurity has become a priority. 

Cybersecurity makes real sense. A company that is the victim of ransomware can experience several days of downtime and significant financial losses. Cybersecurity does not require a large initial investment. It’s a matter of taking small steps.

Alexandre Ambiehl – E-Cobot

According to the ANSSI (French National Authority for the Security and Defence of Information Systems), Atlantic France benefits from a favourable ecosystem, with a range of service and advice providers that represent a real opportunity for startups, SMEs and major groups based in the region.

Cybersecurity: key challenges to face together

In a largely digitised world, cybersecurity is becoming a vector of confidence and innovation with the aim of:

  • Protecting individuals and their privacy
  • Ensuring the security of business and government information systems
  • Promoting the growth of digital technology to stimulate innovation
  • Maintaining the competitiveness and growth of the French economy and the cybersecurity market

Cyber security figures in France

  • 45% of French companies suffered at least one cyber attack in 2022
    Source: survey by the Club des experts de la sécurité de l’information et du numérique (CESIN), 2023.
  • The cybersecurity market continues to grow in France, rising from €2.8 billion in 2021 to €4.2 billion in 2025 (+11%/year)
    Source: research company Markess by Exaegis

The cybersecurity market in Atlantic France

Major local players

Databack (Vendée), Itancia (Maine-et-Loire), Mismo (Loire-Atlantique), Sogec (Sarthe), All4tec (Mayenne)… are just a few examples of the many companies specialising in cybersecurity which are based in Atlantic France. 

The richness and diversity of this range of services help to support and strengthen the digital security of businesses in the region. Research in the field of cryptography needs to be developed to prepare for the future, as today it represents a real market opportunity.

Numerous recruitment projects

At the heart of the region’s concerns, cybersecurity is an innovative sector in which many jobs are being created. Some of the projects currently under development include:

  • The Atos factory of the future in Angers, is dedicated to the production of supercomputers, high-end servers and cryptology and cybersecurity products, meaning that around a hundred skilled jobs will be created
  • Groupe La Poste’s innovation centre, is currently under construction in Nantes, and will be home to between 800 and 1000 IT specialists dedicated entirely to the Group’s cybersecurity business
  • The Thales defence group, which is expanding rapidly in the field of secure telecommunications systems and cybersecurity, aims to increase its workforce at its new Cholet site from 1,800 to almost 2,500 within the next three years

Training courses throughout Atlantic France

Cybersecurity training courses are available in all departments in the region, with qualifications ranging from technician to engineer. A total of 63 courses have been identified, including :

  • The Graduate School of Engineering ESIEA in Laval
  • ANSSI-approved courses at the University Institute of Technology in La Roche-sur-Yon
  • Airbus and Ynov campus (Loire-Atlantique), a school offering training in digital and emerging technologies, have joined forces to train future cybersecurity professionals for the aeronautics, space and defence industries

Business opportunities for innovative companies

Although Atlantic France already has a number of expert players and 63 training courses specialising in cybersecurity, there are major opportunities for new players to seize, as the number of cybersecurity solution providers remains fairly small.

In Atlantic France, there are different levels of expertise. On the one hand, there are service providers qualified by ANSSI to meet the highest security requirements. On the other hand, there are around twenty service providers certified by cybermalveillance.gouv.fr to meet standard security requirements. Preferably for Atlantic France, this figure would be multiplied by 3 or 4.

Régis Dubrull – ANSSI (French National Authority for the Security and Defence of Information Systems)

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