Toys and sustainability: the innovative start-up Les Mini Mondes raises €3.5 million

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Les Mini Mondes is a start-up created in Atlantic France in 2019 which develops educational magazines and eco-designed toys with the objective of introducing children to the world and its ecological issues. The company recently raised €3.5 million to accelerate its development. 

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, maybe you are the one who has to invent it! That is what the young entrepreneurs from Nantes Quentin Ory and Marine Bocabeille decided to do in 2019 by creating Les Mini Mondes after a popular crowdfunding campaign.

Introducing children to the world and raising their environmental awareness 

The company develops a concept featuring a family of globetrotters taking a world tour in their van and discovering inspiring green initiatives. Their adventures are described in magazines for 3-7 year olds that go with eco-friendly toys representing the characters. “Our mission is to teach children to be kind, open to new cultures, and motivated to build a better world”, says the brand. 

The majority of toys are produced in Asia and the sector generates 75,000 tonnes of waste per year in France. Les Mini Mondes therefore decided to manufacture its products locally working with assisted employment centers and using 100% recycled plastic.

Major fundraising to recruit and develop new products

Two years after its creation, the start-up has raised €3.5 million from the investment fund Eutopia and the French agency for innovation Bpifrance

The funds will allow Les Mini Mondes to recruit new talent, strengthen partnerships with distributors and develop a range of products. New, fun, and educational content is currently being prepared such as cartoon and audio formats. By the end of the year, the start-up aims to achieve € 5 million in turnover.

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