Robotics: E-COBOT and Tame-Care invent innovative disinfection solutions against Coronavirus

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The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in businesses reinventing themselves. Two companies from Atlantic France (E-COBOT and Tronico through its medical subsidiary Tame-Care) started a technological partnership to develop a range of innovative disinfection solutions based on UV-C radiation.  

UV-C is ultraviolet radiation contained in the sunlight. Harmful to humans, it is used to disinfect water, air and objects because it eliminates bacteria and viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 which provokes the Covid-19.

Husky-UV and Stery-UV: only 1 hour to disinfect 450m²

The startup E-COBOT developed a smart collaborative robot (cobot) called Husky which is used in logistics handling. In partnership with the company Tame-care from Tronico group, the product has been enhanced with UV-C germicidal lamps (UVGI). Thanks to AI, the Husky-UV is fully autonomous, while its manual equivalent Stery-UV needs someone to control it remotely.

Both robots are able to disinfect floors, surfaces and  ceilings of up to 4m. They only need one hour to disinfect a 450m² room and eliminate 99,99% of all viruses and bacteria. With the air purifier option (based on HEPA filters and UV-C), they can also treat the air covering 360° and a distance of 2.5m around them.

A growing range of innovative solutions

E-COBOT and Tame-care are working together on several other products, starting with the Husky-DSVA and the Stery-DSVA which will use a mist disinfection system (DSVA stands for disinfection of surfaces through the air) instead of UV-C lamps. The partners are also developing a UV-C “flashlight” and removable disinfection tents. All of these solutions are suitable for many environments such as healthcare institutions, shopping centres, the food industry, manufacturing, passenger transportation, etc.

Tronico’s key figures

1973 creation in Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine (Vendée)

800 employees

€90 million turnover in 2019

E-COBOT key figures

2016 creation in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)

43 entrepreneurial engineers

€2 million turnover in 2019

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