Made in France: the home appliance company Daan Tech is expanding its eco-friendly offer 

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Daan Tech, a French company founded in 2016, is revolutionising the household appliance market with its green and economical approach. After the success of its innovative dishwasher “Bob”, the company is going to launch new products that are manufactured in Vendée, where it has expansion plans scheduled for 2025.

In 2020, the startup Daan Tech released the Bob dishwasher, defying expectations and investor scepticism. The company faced financial challenges but did not give up and found creative solutions to reduce costs, investing in a former textile factory in Vendée, and setting up its production line at a cost of €150,000.

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Bob, the world’s smallest dishwasher, weighing just 10 kg, with integrated handles and a 3.9-litre water tank, redefines practicality in the kitchen. Bob is not only compact but also eco-friendly, by consuming less energy and water. It can also operate without a water supply thanks to its integrated tank. This dishwasher has become a success, and more than 80,000 units have been sold.

On the 10th of October 2023, Daan Tech opened pre-orders for its second product. Known as “Joe”, it is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of a microwave, a fan oven, a steamer, an air fryer, and a grill. The product required two years of R&D and over €2 million of investment. The company predicts that the device will consume 30% less electricity than a conventional oven.

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Daan Tech’s growth in Atlantic France 

With the acquisition of an 11,000 sqm site in Montaigu-Vendée (Atlantic France), Daan Tech plans to build a new factory to replace the current one, where most of its employees are based. The new facility aims to be energy self-sufficient, by using geothermal and solar energy. This strategic move reflects Daan Tech’s commitment to sustainable and efficient production.

To finance these ambitious projects, Daan Tech is in the process of raising between €6 million and €10 million. The startup, which generates more than half of its sales in Europe, has plans to export to China and the US and is targeting an IPO in 2027.

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