Innovation: Virtualyz opens physical places to the public with virtual reality

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Virtualyz is based in Angers, Atlantic France. The company specialises in virtual reality and digitalises physical places to allow virtual visits. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the start-up offered its services for free to several local businesses.

Aurélien Letourneau created Virtualyz at the end of 2019. The agency is installed in the incubator WeForge in Angers. It specialises in 3D modeling, 360 photos and videos, and virtual reality.

Rich media and interactive immersion

Virtualyz solutions can be used in many contexts and sectors: immersion for real estate or interior design, simulation for industrial production, virtual visits of cultural places, etc. 

In order to offer a realistic and exhaustive immersion, the start-up begins by capturing 360 images and completes them with other data such as text descriptions, videos, press articles… 

6 places opened for free virtual visits

The Coronavirus pandemic has produced dreadful impacts on many professional sectors. Virtualyz therefore decided to give a hand to local businesses by offering to virtualise their places for free.

With the help of Aldev, Angers’ economic development agency, Virtualyz worked on six virtualisation projects: My Digital School for its open house annual event, the interior design agency Pleine mesure, two art galleries, a micro-museum mill and the incubator WeForge.

A VR tutorial and new business opportunities

The virtual worlds created by Virtualyz can be visualised on any connected screen, but the user experience is much better with a virtual reality headset. To help democratize access to the technology, the CEO Aurélien Letourneau also published a tutorial to build a cardboard VR headset at home

By offering its expertise, the company gained visibility and new business opportunities: “I am about to start projects for a training organization and for an escape room company”, reveals Aurélien Letourneau.

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