Industry 4.0: Fairmat stands out with its innovative carbon composite recycling technology

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The startup Fairmat has invented a breakthrough technology which can recycle carbon fiber composite materials for sectors such as aeronautics, automotive and renewables. The company has announced various partnerships with major industrial players.

The deep tech startup Fairmat has developed an innovative solution for the recycling of carbon fiber composites and recently set up its factory in Bouguenais, near Nantes. The company was created in November 2020 and is growing at full speed: Fairmat announced recently that it will be recycling more than 30% of the industry’s carbon fiber waste in Europe!

Thanks to our recycling technology, we are supporting a major movement initiated by our customers, who are looking for alternatives to the landfills or incineration of carbon composites. We are experiencing rapid progress within European territory, from Finland to Spain. And the next step will be to enable our customers to access our solution worldwide.

Benjamin Saada, CEO and founder of Fairmat

Major partnerships with industry leaders

Fairmat raised €8.6 million in September 2021 and has finalised important commercial deals over the last months:

  • A long-term agreement with Hexcel, the American leader in the manufacturing of high-performance composite materials, for the recycling of carbon prepregs produced in Europe 
  • An R&D study for Siemens Gamesa, the Spanish-German leader in renewable energy, to recycle composite carbon fibers emanating from the manufacturing of wind turbine blades
  • An agreement with Duqueine to reprocess 15 tonnes of offcuts from the A350 per year
  • An R&D partnership with Tarmac Aerosave, a subsidiary of Airbus, Safran and Suez, to recover carbon composite parts contained in aircraft parts

Fairmat is opening many positions and plans to increase production, at its factory in Atlantic France, from 500 to 2,500 tonnes within three years. The company is also developing business in Spain and plans to expand rapidly to Northern Europe and Germany.

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