Flying start for XSun revolutionary solar drone

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© XSun

The start-up XSun based in Guérande (Atlantic France) invented a smart drone which uses solar energy to double its flying autonomy. A mix of cutting-edge technologies which can be used in many different sectors.

Environment and civil safety, infrastructure and network monitoring, agriculture and the  maritime world: XSun innovative drone can be used in a lot of contexts. Energy-independent, the SolarXOne is also 100% autonomous.

The drone invented by the Guérande-based company weighs less than 25 kg and its 4,6 meter wingspan is covered with solar cells. It can fly for about 7 hours with its integrated lithium-ion batteries, and for at least 7 additional hours thanks to the energy collected by the solar cells during the flight.

Backed by major firms like Airbus and Total, XSun obtained more than €5 million of public funding and will start mass production in 2021 but already has important clients. The startup chose to settle in Atlantic France for its rich industrial and R&D background and is notably in partnership with Atlanpole, EMC2, Centrale Nantes, IMN, S2E2… 

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