E4V, a fast-growing company offering battery solutions to electric vehicles

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Over the last five years, the company E4V (Electric for Vehicle) has developed a lot. The battery specialist based in Le Mans is now a key player in a promising market.

This SME is growing fast: in five years, the E4V annual turnover was multiplied by 5 and the staff augmented from 30 to more than 100 people. The company recently moved to new offices in Le Mans (Pays de la Loire) with big ambitions.

The company targets niche markets: municipal services vehicles, small trucks for last mile delivery, scooters for postmen, tractors, renewable energy installations, etc. E4V has equipped more than 20,000 vehicles with its lithium batteries and has become one of the leaders in the french market.

The future is also promising: the European commission is thinking about creating an “Airbus of batteries” to boost the sector, and E4V could be involved in a strategic alliance with several companies.

More information: www.e4v.eu/en

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