Digital: Atlantic France’s companies innovate with blockchain technology

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Blockchain is an innovative way of securing goods and exchanges. In Atlantic France, the digital sector is key and companies are making the most of this technology to offer services such as object protection or real estate investments.

Being the mainstay of cyber currencies and NFTs, the blockchain market is growing steadily in size and is opening up new opportunities in many fields. According to the consulting firm Gartner, the market should reach $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030!

5 million bikes already identified in Europe thanks to O°Code technology

O°Code marks objects and protects them with a 3rd generation code engraved with an NFT. The company won the “startup of the year 2022” award in western France, and is a leader in applying physical NFTs to objects. 

The 34-employee company has invented an innovative identification system: clouds of dots engraved on objects which attest to their origin and value. Each code is issued in the form of an NFT and recorded on a private, non-speculative and non-energy consuming blockchain. 

A mobile application can then be used to scan this non-reproducible and unforgeable code to identify the object and its owner and to access its history. O°Code, which is expanding rapidly, says that it has already marked 5 million bicycles in Europe in order to combat theft or scams during resale.

A technology already adopted by major French companies

Based in Nantes and La-Roche-sur-Yon, the company has taken advantage of the compulsory marking of bicycles since January 2021 and has convinced various manufacturers and dealers to become customers. For instance, companies such as SNCF, Decathlon, Crédit Agricole and the Dubreuil group have all recently adopted it. 

O°Code’s ambition is to conquer new markets that have traceability and security needs, concerning either mobility, computer equipment, tools, sports equipment or luggage. It now wishes to democratise its technology among the general public. 

Immo Blockchain: an innovative land investment platform 

Immo Blockchain has created a platform for real estate based on Blockchain technology. The group is based in Paris, but also has an office in Nantes, Atlantic France, for the One Nest branch which is a subsidiary dedicated to the ever-growing co-living market. 

Listed on Euronext Growth Paris, Immo Blockchain owns and manages exceptional venues in France. It has a platform for investing in land thanks to “utility tokens”. It also issues “security tokens”, with residential, office, event and tourist properties being the underlying assets.

In December 2022 the group announced the acquisition of a first building by Investoken, its Tokens land investment platform, and the commercial launch of La Tannerie, an exceptional residence offering shared work spaces in Nantes. 

Play My Tech explains blockchain with lego

Blockchain can be difficult to understand for novices. The Nantes-based startup Play My Tech therefore offers workshops to understand these complex technologies by discovering blockchain in a playful way. The company organises training workshops on Bitcoin & blockchain technologies, which are made clear and concrete thanks to LEGO®. The company was present in November at the first Blockchain fair organised by the French Ministry of the Interior. 

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