Coworking & coliving: _icilundi is expanding its network of hybrid places for entrepreneurs

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The Nantes-based entrepreneur network _icilundi is developing an innovative offer of workspaces. Its community can mix coworking with catering, sports and events, and 3 more sites will open in the coming months.

The _icilundi business network now represents more than 700 members and 130 companies. This community has access to 4 spots in Nantes city centre: 

  • François 2 (178 sqm) and Le Palace (3,200 sqm), which are coworking spaces, offering all the services needed by remote workers and entrepreneurs
  • Maison Bagarre, a restaurant that was launched in 2021, located right by Le Palace
  • Madeleine, inaugurated last April, with 55 coworking places and a coffee shop at its heart where many events are hosted

3 exciting projects for 2023

The _icilundi community includes freelancers and startups, some of which are experiencing rapid development. The network also attracts major companies that are setting up an office in Nantes and are willing to join an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Demand is growing, so _icilundi is planning to open another coworking spot in Nantes city centre within a few months.

The company also aims to pursue the diversification of its activities and is preparing the opening of two other hybrid places in 2023: a social sports club in Nantes and a hotel near the sea which will combine accommodation for individuals and events for companies.

Because we strongly believe in entrepreneurship and innovation as a driver of progress, we seek to create an ecosystem in which entrepreneurs and their collaborators can work and network in the best possible conditions. During a working day, we work, we meet, we socialise, we have lunch, we meet over coffee, we play sports, we attend events… and our job is to gradually offer the full experience to the 130 companies in our community.

Grégory Thibord, CEO of _icilundi

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