Circular economy: Swiss startup, Composite Recycling, sets up in Atlantic France

© Composite Recycling

The composite industry is growing steadily in Atlantic France, with the addition of a new specialist in material recycling: Switzerland-based company, Composite Recycling, has chosen Nantes as the location for its first subsidiary in Europe.

Composite Recycling has developed an innovative process for recycling glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GFRP) by separating the glass fibre from the resin in composite materials. This allows the for the reuse of two components: the glass fibre for producing new composites, and pyrolysis oil for manufacturing decarbonised plastics or resin.

This technology provides an effective way to recycle materials that were previously difficult to recycle and is used in all kinds of products such as:

  • boat hulls
  • wind turbine blades
  • end-of-life car parts 
  • aircraft interiors
  • offcuts from production using glass fibre-reinforced plastics

In addition, Composite Recycling designs its own mobile recycling units in containers that can be installed next to its customers, avoiding the costs and CO2 emissions associated with transporting bulky waste over long distances.

The first branch office in Europe

Composite Recycling was founded in Écublens, Switzerland, in July 2021. Less than two years later, in June 2023, the startup set up its first European subsidiary in Nantes to develop its business and roll out its recycling technology in France.

We’re delighted to be opening our first branch outside Switzerland, in the Atlantic France region, and we’ve been very impressed by the proactiveness and professionalism of the local representatives we’ve worked with. The region’s determination to create a complete composites recycling industry is an essential factor in our success […] We look forward to working with all stakeholders in the region to create a model that can be replicated across France and, hopefully, Europe too.

Guillaume Perben, Managing Director of Composite Recycling