Business: Atlantic France’s role in France’s international investment appeal

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Year after year, both France and Atlantic France demonstrate their appeal to entrepreneurs and business decision-makers. In 2023, our region reaffirmed its position as one of the most dynamic within Europe’s most attractive countries, and international investment is helping to maintain or create thousands of jobs.

A few months ago, Business France released its 2023 international investments report. The consulting firm EY has also recently published its annual report which confirms that France remains #1 in Europe for receiving international investment, for the 5th year running, with 1,194 projects announced. 

Additionally, 76% of the business leaders surveyed by EY believe that France can further improve its attractiveness over the next 3 years.

Atlantic France is one of the most dynamic French regions, with 82 new investment projects last year, which is equivalent to almost 1 project every 4 days. In 2023, international investment in our region allowed for 4,656 jobs to be created or maintained, a 35% increase compared with 2022. On average, each project represented 57 jobs.

Five countries leading the way

As it has been the case for several years, the two countries most represented among 2023 international investors in Atlantic France are Germany (17 projects and 1,384 jobs created or maintained) and the United States (10 projects and 1,515 jobs). 

They are followed by three countries which share the last place on the podium: the United Kingdom (6 projects and 201 jobs), Belgium (5 projects and 307 jobs), and Canada (5 projects and 188 jobs).

Professionals with high added value

Atlantic France stands out for the quality of its talent pool and its industrial know-how. This is reflected in the jobs created in 2023 through investment by internationally-owned companies: 

  • 1,827 were in consulting, engineering, and operational business services
  • 480 were in the chemicals & plastics sector
  • 779 were in the field of mobility (400 for aeronautical, naval, and rail equipment, and 379 for car manufacturers and equipment suppliers).

Are you interested in an overview of the key figures for investment in the Atlantic France region in 2023? 

Small and medium-sized cities remain attractive

Paris and the surrounding region logically account for a quarter of international investment projects, while the other major cities, including Nantes, account for 30%. 

However, small and medium-sized towns are increasingly attracting entrepreneurs looking for quality of life for their teams, as well as less expensive property. In 2023, 45% of international investments concerned cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants, and 21% were in towns with under 50,000 inhabitants. This is particularly true for industrial activities: 40% were located in areas with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants.

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