Atlantic France, an agile environment: 6 examples of adaptations to the Covid-19 crisis

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Facing the Coronavirus pandemic is a challenge for businesses. In Atlantic France, many companies and organisations demonstrated adaptability and the ability to react. Here are 6 examples.

Contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in Sarthe

Matériel Bobet is a supplier for food industries based in Champagné (Sarthe). The company which specializes in rubber coated fabrics has adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by developing a contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispenser. In less than a week, more than 1,000 items were ordered!

Medical clothing manufacturing in Maine-et-Loire

Mulliez-Flory is an industrial textile group from Le Longeron (Maine-et-Loire). The company transformed its prototyping workshop into an assembly line dedicated to medical clothing. Mulliez-Flory is now able to manufacture up to 2 million face masks and 140,000 medical gowns per month.

An “anti-coronavirus assistant” and a local marketplace in Loire-Atlantique

Atelier d’Ernest usually designs tailor-made wooden bicycles and objects. The startup from Nantes invented a utensil called Sacha. Available in wood or stainless steel, it allows many actions to be done without the hand getting in contact with potentially infected surfaces.

The utensil Sacha can be bought on the website, a marketplace offering local businesses an alternative to international platforms such as Amazon. Launched in Loire-Atlantique in April by the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is already used by more than 700 local companies.

Transparent protective curtains in Vendée 

Sofareb, from Longèves (Vendée), sells different kinds of tarps and technical textiles. In order to help businesses protect their employees, the company developed a transparent curtain which is easier to install and half the price of plexiglass.

Relocating face masks production in Mayenne

Les Mouettes Vertes designs organic and ethical textile solutions. The group manufactures face masks, but the pandemic impeded imports from its factory in India. The company therefore decided to accelerate the relocation of its production and opened a workshop in Laval (Mayenne). 15 people were recruited.

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