Agrifood: Atlantic France startup Delivagri revolutionises agricultural trading

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Founded in 2016 by two engineers, Angers-based startup Delivagri launched a website and then a mobile application to optimise access to the best prices of agricultural commodities. The startup’s turnover exceeded €20 million last year.

Delivagri is developing a new kind of agricultural trade, 100% digitally. Atlantic France’s startup buys and sells agricultural raw materials and supplies. It manages all the logistics of the trade and relies on efficient in-house algorithms, developed by its teams of computer scientists, to offer the best prices. 

An app to digitalise the trading of agricultural raw materials

The company, which employs 22 people and plans to recruit 10 more in the coming months, has become, in just a few years, a major player in the national agricultural landscape. The mobile app allows farmers to consult agricultural commodity prices directly from their tractor. Its ambition is to optimise farmers’ access to the best offers for the collection and supply of cereals and other agricultural raw materials, such as wheat straw, fertilisers, maize flour or liquid manure.

Delivagri offers a different model of agricultural trading, complementary to traditional trading, based on the collaborative economy. The startup can send raw materials anywhere in France, and respond to all markets: from the most common products to niche markets. Currently, Delivagri works with 3,000 customers, but 30,000 farmers are registered on its platform to identify market opportunities. 

A growth target of 65% for 2022

In 2021, Delivagri achieved a turnover of over €20.5 million. Last spring, the young company surpassed the 600,000 tonnes of products marketed since its creation in 2016 and plans to reach 1 million tonnes by the end of 2022. 

The startup forecasts a growth of over 65% in 2022 and is now developing its activities in other European countries including Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

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