Aeronautics: aircraft engine manufacturer Meggitt set to build a new 14,500 sqm factory near Angers

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The aeronautical equipment manufacturer Meggitt will have a new 14,500 sqm factory to replace the current plant, which was established in 1961 in Avrillé (Atlantic France). The €35 million investment will allow the British company to support its rapidly growing business and workforce, and also to play its part in the carbon-free revolution in aeronautics.

At the beginning of 2025, Meggitt will move into its new French factory. Built on the Baratonnière site in the Landes business park extension in Avrillé, which is on the outskirts of Angers, the new premises will be located only 6 kilometres from the current outdated and undersized site.

A €35 million project

The project represents a financial commitment of €35 million for a surface area of 14,500 sqm (compared to 9,500 sqm for the current site). Meggitt has received financial support from the regional council, the French State (as part of the national recovery plan), and Angers Loire Métropole in order to carry out this project. 

Through this investment, the company, whose headquarters are located in Bournemouth (UK), aims at limiting its carbon footprint, both in the design of the building and in its future operations. The objective is to play a key role in the ecological transition towards decarbonisation, an important challenge for the aeronautics industry. 

Meggitt Avrillé already designs electric motors to operate the controls and other functions of the aircraft, but it will have to respond to a growing demand from manufacturers of planes, helicopters and other flying objects that are increasingly turning to electric energy.

Doubling annual turnover within 10 years

The company supplies major aeronautics manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, and Safran. It manufactures 25,000 products per year and employs 320 people. The stated objective is to reach at least 500 employees within the next 10 years and to double the annual turnover, which is currently at €100 million, after having reached a low of €80 million in 2020.

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