E-COBOT: “Above all, it is a region rich in manufacturing partners and a large panel of local industrial customers…”

E-COBOT was created in 2016 in Nantes, Atlantic France. The company manufactures and integrates innovative solutions designed for the logistics sector and relies on 45 people : engineers, physical doctors ans technicians.

Who are you?

Sebastien Ecault (S.E.) : Good morning, I am Sébastien ECAULT, CEO and founder of E-COBOT.

Christophe Scheid (C.S.) : Good morning, my name is Christophe SCHEID, I work as new markets developer and partnerships manager for E-COBOT.

S.E. : E-COBOT manufactures and an integrates Robotics solutions to help people for logistics operations.

I created E-COBOT in 2016, based in Nantes, France.

C.S. : Helping people in their daily tasks is E-COBOT’s main mission, ensuring security and adaptability to the work environment.

We have 3 main markets : Industry & logistics – Retail – Healthcare.

Among our customers we can already count on MANITOU, IDEA logistics , FIVES, GEFCO, HUTCHINSON, STELIA, SAFRAN, AIRBUS but also E-LECLERC.

What are the areas of expertise of your company?

S.E. : We already are 45 of us, engineers, physical doctors and technicians within two Business Units.

One team is dedicated to our manufacturing Business Unit : They work from innovation, to industrial production of our own cobots and associated services.

The other team is the integrator Business Unit : They provide consulting, design and integration services for process improvement projects such as process mobile cobots and collaborative robots.

I notice you that E-COBOT is THE only player in Cobotics that masters the entire industrial value chain from design to integration of turnkey projects of end users.

Why is the region Atlantic France an asset for you?

S.E. : Above all, it is a region rich in manufacturing partners and a large panel of local industrial customers since 2018, it has enabled us to:

  • structure ourselves on strategic resources such as artificial intelligence, technological and commercial development
  • continue our innovation road map to expand our product range,
  • build a strong supply chain and an industrial organization to support the commercial development of our products