Healthcare and AI: Timcod smart cameras can detect Covid-19 symptoms

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TKFever combines thermographic cameras with artificial intelligence. The system detects the most common symptom among people with Covid-19: abnormal body temperature. The solution was developed by Timcod, an IT company from Atlantic France, and TKH. All profits will be donated to fight the pandemic.

Timcod is an expert in mobile solutions. The group, which was founded in 2002, installed its headquarters in Treillères, near Nantes. About 120 employees are spread over 9 agencies (7 in France, 1 in Tunisia and 1 in Algeria). The company’s annual turnover is over €29 million.

Faced with a drop in business activity due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company wanted to put its skills to good use in a beneficial project. The company therefore started a partnership with the security specialist TKH, and developed an innovative solution to improve the identification of Covid-19 symptoms.

Thermal imaging cameras and algorithms

TKFever is based on the thermal imaging cameras made by the Dutch company, TKH. Timcod developed artificial intelligence software which analyses the results and detects people with abnormally high temperatures.

This solution helps to make workplaces and passageways safer by taking body temperature remotely and in real time. The solution can be managed by an agent or installed to be self-monitored by the public at the entrance of buildings”, explains Christophe Cattoni, CEO of Timcod group.

Profits donated to healthcare stakeholders

The TKFever Covid-19 detection systems can be used with batteries when no electric power is available. The price of the solution goes from €1,000 to €12,000, depending on the version. All profits made from the commercialisation of the product will be donated to the health foundations of Hôpitaux de France and Institut Pasteur.

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