Digital: with its estate agent management software, Zelok develops an innovative business model

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The Atlantic France start-up Zelok has created a fully automated solution for rental management conceived for real estate professionals. Besides simplifying rental application processes for landlords and tenants with free services, the company now offers rent protection insurance for landlords. 

With its property management software, Zelok has become the French leader of online tenant and lease tracking. The platform has received more than 800 subscribed estate agencies and over 125,000 users. The tech start-up based in Sables-d’Olonne, Atlantic France, relies on 15 employees. 

Full rent guarantee insurance for landlords

Renting a flat is a real hassle for tenants, but also for rental agencies. That is why Fabrice Houlé, an estate agent professional, created Zelok in 2018. He has strived to facilitate administrative processes and tracking of rental applications for landlords and tenants by conceiving an online platform that can be used by rental agencies for free. 

Zelok property management software provides rental professionals with digital tools that allow them to automatically handle tenant applications, track tenant files, etc. Launched in November 2020, the tool Zelok Pass already has 125,000 users. 

Supported by the bank for entrepreneurs Bpifrance, Fabrice Houlé is counting on his new product to strengthen Zelok’s business model: full rent guarantee insurance for landlords to protect them against tenants failing to pay rent. 

€1 million in insurance premiums in 2021

Once the tenant is chosen, Zelok issues a “Zelok Total Guarantee” approval that ensures that the rent and charges will be paid each month on a set date, whether the tenant has paid or not. 

The rent guarantee insurance is offered to landlords from 2,50% including tax of collected rents. In 2021, the start-up hopes to achieve €1 million in insurance premiums and €5 million by the end of 2022. This new activity would therefore become the main source of income.

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