Angers and Nantes labelled as green leaders: discover the most sustainable cities in France

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The recent Green Cities Observatory report 2023 labels Angers and Nantes as being two of the greenest French cities. These Atlantic France metropolises not only maintain their position in the coveted top 10 but also reinforce the region’s reputation in the field of urban sustainability. 

Angers: the #1 green city in France 

Angers, for the fourth time in a row, is crowned as the greenest city in France. The remarkable transformation of its urban landscape, particularly evident at landmarks such as the Parc Saint-Serge, has led Angers to maintain an impressive average of 100 sqm of green space per inhabitant. 

The city has recently accomplished other major works, such as the transformation of a former railway hangar into five hectares of greenery. With 110,000 trees planted and a projected investment of €10 million to help double this figure by 2026, Angers demonstrates an undeniable commitment to sustainability.

Nantes: the green capital of tomorrow

Nantes, which was awarded the title of Green Capital of Europe in 2013, continues to place nature at the heart of its urban projects. The city has found itself in 6th place in the Green Cities Observatory report 2023, contributing to Atlantic France’s exceptional performance in the top 10. With a sustainable city vision, Nantes continues to lead initiatives that merge economic development and respect for the environment.

Within the select group of France’s greenest cities in 2023, other notable mentions include Rennes and Strasbourg, ranking second and third respectively. Lyon and Metz complete the top five, demonstrating the general trend of large French cities working towards revegetation, which is vital in the fight against climate change. Paris’ tenth place underlines the positive dynamics underway in the French capital.

Trends and commitments in green cities

The 2023 edition of the Green Cities Observatory awards reveals key trends. While the area of green space per inhabitant remains at 50 sqm, the dedicated budget has increased from €76 to €80 per resident. 

The number of trees per 100 inhabitants has increased, which demonstrates the cities’ commitment to urban ecology. The protection of biodiversity and the adoption of sustainable water management techniques are positive indicators of the steady evolution towards greener practices.

Quality of life in Atlantic France

In addition to leading in sustainability, Atlantic France also excels in quality of life. A 2021 study conducted by the Elabe Research Institute reveals that 81% of inhabitants consider themselves “happy”, which is the highest rate in France. 

This recognition is attributed to the environment, the thriving economy, and a vibrant social life. Cities in Atlantic France, such as Angers and Nantes, are ideal destinations for those seeking a balance between work and well-being.

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